Every second Monday we meet online to practice meditation.
During this 75 minutes meeting we start with a 20-30 minute mindfulness & heartfulness meditation. Then Kasper will give a short talk on a certain topic. After this there is room for questions, sharing and discussion. Finally we end the meeting with a short meditation.

Dates to be announced soon. 


– We meet from 20:00 until 21:15 CET (Amsterdam time)

If you would like to join, please send me a personal message via phone, email or messenger so I can share with you the link to the online platform where we will meet.

– Costs: donation-based.

The meditation meetings are an another opportunity to water your garden of strengths and qualities of the heart; your inner resources. Especially during these turbulent times it can be supportive to pause and reflect in order to take wise and warmhearted actions.

‘Meditation’ could be better translated as ‘cultivation’. We train our heart. We cultivate our inner garden that is full of seeds and plants that need careful and mindful attention. We prepare fertile soil, take well care of the seeds and plants, and make sure we water them enough. Your roots and being is strong and well nourished. We are able to meet any weather circumstances with an open, strong and warm heart. This is how we learn to flourish, to be in your element.
This is the practice of meditation.    

You are welcome to join!

Whether beginner or experienced, it does not matter. This practice is for all levels. We come together to practice, learn and enjoy.


Any questions, requests or sharing, please contact me via phone or email.

Kasper Meulesteen

(+31) 6 5216 2530

Goirkestraat 2-A, 5046 GK Tilburg, The Netherlands