Thesis: Walking Meditations

The potential role and challenges of walking meditation for Buddhist spiritual care.


This is a master thesis I wrote for the study program Spiritual Care at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.
This thesis will give you insight and understanding of the different Buddhist walking meditations that one can practice. In the case of this thesis it has been written to be applied in a spiritual care setting.

It provides a beautiful overview of the potential role of mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, and walking for the wellbeing of people. Very inspiring to read and motivating to practice a walking meditation form that resonates with you.

You can find the thesis here.

“When we are not attached to who we think we are,
life can move through us, playing us like an instrument.
Understanding how everything is in continual transformation, we release our futile attempts to control circumstances.
When we live in this easy connecion with life, we live in joy”
– James Baraz


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