There are numerous practices that are integrated in the activities with Kasper. It goes beyond mindfulness. When you would like to ‘Walk with Kasper’, whether through individual programs, group meetings, courses, workshops and retreats, these are some of the practices that are being worked with.  

Mindfulness Meditation

Far more than just a technique or training, mindfulness offers a new sensibility on life as a whole, an entirely other perspective on how to be a practicing human in the world.

Mindfulness is a heightened attention that notices the very first movement of reactivity and unhealthy habits before they have a chance to take hold. It is an ability, or a quality, to be aware of what is happening in this moment. However, it goes beyond ‘just being aware’. 

Mindful awareness both embeds the attention in the raw immediacy of experience and serves as the moral compass that guides the response to that experience. It supports significant insights and it supports to liberates us from tension, anxiety and stress. Mindfulness practices guide us back to our essence, our strengths and teaches us how to live more resilient, freely and heartfully. 

Insight Meditation (Vipassana)

The goal is to deeply understand the nature of life; ever-changing, impersonal/interconnected and unsatisfactory. We have the capacity to wake up and come out of the dream of projections and veils that obscure reality through our views, opinions, beliefs, reactions, tendencies and habits. Yet, we can learn to understand the functioning of our mind with the support of mindfulness and concentration. It is a gradual process of growing awareness of your true nature. 

Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)

This practice is an opportunity to befriend, care for and empower yourself and all beings around. The qualities that are being trained with this practice are the core for all other practices, and more importantly, for living lovingly. It can support a powerful inner transformation, that obviously reflects to the outer world as well. 

There are many ways in which loving-kindness meditation can be practiced: working with well-wishing, visualization, kind awareness of any physical experience, working with the physical heart region,  and love in action. 

It can support us to release the barriers to love. Barriers such as a trance of thinking with all our judgments and preoccupations, the agenda of always wanting something from the other, or the fear of judgement by others or the fear of being rejected. The loving kindness practice supports us to melt those blockages and we can feel and live friendly and loving again.

“Our path is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find the barriers we have built against it.”  Rumi

And we learn to embrace them! 

Reflection & Enquiry

The support of reflection and enquiry can be a powerful tool to cultivate new insights that deepen one’s practice and relationship with yourself and others. It serves as a guide to challenge and explore our views, projections and significant issues in our life.

The exploration are accompanied with questions inwardly and outwardly, the use of quotes, texts, literature and other expressions of communication such as arts.

Mindful Movement

Yoga. Walking. Jogging. Dancing. Any Movement!

In simple terms, mindful movement is a kind way to check in with your body and listen to its needs in terms of physical activity, rather than forcing it into something you feel like you “should” be doing. So rather than using force to disconnect from your mind and shove negative thoughts aside, mindful movement encourages you to be intentional about and aware of every move you make, and to focus on the quality of your movements and how they make you feel.

Don’t mistake mindful movement for easy movement. To be attentive, curious and open means reducing distractions and deepening the experience of life. It becomes less about exercise and more about curiosity and open-mindedness. Remaining in close connection with ourselves, the feelings and mental processes while moving will be explored, challenged and appreciated. This can be done anytime, anywhere, and it doesn’t require formal sitting meditation on the chair or the floor.

Mindfulness & Nature

An essential part of the practice is being with and learning from nature. It can be a precious and important contribution to the sense of connectivity and solidarity with the elements, of which we are all made of.

The power of nature is profoundly supportive. Nature does not have to be romantic. Its force can be sometimes very challenging and sometimes very beautiful to be with. However, nature does have a power that supports the inner peace and calmness, which allows receptivity to happen. It is an opportunity to discover deep insights and realizations, that go way beyond our thoughts, and invites us to explore, understand and allow the totality of life to live through us.  

This is the reason people for millennia, including the Buddha, have sought refuge in the natural world. When we move into the nature, nature becomes a support for wisdom, joy, nourishment and ease. It is transformative and life-saving.

Mindful Living

Mindfulness goes beyond the sitting cushion, the yoga mat or the retreat center. The practice becomes part of life when we apply it to our day-to-day life, this effort includes everything. Particularly, efforts which will allow us to enjoy and appreciate the abundance that is already present in this moment. Mindful living can allow us to more skillfully handle the challenges and difficulties we face in everyday life.

It is bringing that intentional and open attitude, and compassionate and clear awareness to everything that you do. You will be amazed to see that you have created no less than a transformation.

Mindful living can support us in the way we make decisions about our consumption, how we communicate, and more generally how we relate to life.

What is a mindful healthy way of living that benefits ourselves and all other life around us? What are our intentions? What is a Mindful Lifestyle and Consumption? What is Holistic Nutrition?


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