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Talks and workshop possibilities about the following topics:


– The Basics, the Foundation;
– Tools and Techniques;
– Insight Meditation (Vipassana);
– Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta);
– Compassion Training;
– Mindfulness & Relationships;
– Mindfulness at Work;
– Mindfulness in Daily Life;
– Yoga.

Sustainability & Solutions

– Globalization & Action;
– Permaculture;
– Social Entrepreneurship;
– Business Ethics;
– Mindful Activism;
– Mindful Communication.


– Listening Circles;
– Breath;
– Stress & Pain;
– Over-Thinking;
– Inner Critic;
– Relationships;
– Kindness;
– Appreciation;
– Compassion;
– Patience;
– Letting be, Letting go;
– Heart Opening;
– Forgiveness;
– Silence;
– Calmness;
– Contentment.

“Why is it that we yearn to be more or other than we are? It so rarely occurs to us that what we are looking for maybe—indeed, always is—already within us, simply undiscovered”.
–  Toinette Lippe

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