Mindful Action

Mindful Action is a sustainable program for organisations, NGOs, activist groups, charities, social entrepreneurs, and students that not only want to be successful, but resilient and healthy, and to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Courageously standing up and working with society’s most difficult challenges can bring a real danger of burning out. Mindfulness practice can support you and your organisation to remain strong and healthy in the face of inevitable obstacles and frustrations. It invites us to experience our activism as a path of mindfulness practice and to draw resilience and connection from our mindful action. It nourishes our voice and our vision for a more compassionate world.

The importance of self-care has often been overlooked. Activists, social and environmental workers can feel guilty for taking personal time and stepping away from urgent issues. Many social workers, activists, healthcare workers, NGOs have come to recognize the necessity of restorative time for optimum effectiveness.

Mindful Action is a program that stands for vital, emphatic, socially and/or environmentally engaged people. We provide people and organisations with tools and techniques that supports people to be healthy, resilient and empowered to face the current worldly challenges.

“If we don’t maintain a balance between our work and the nourishment we need, we won’t be very successful. The practice of walking meditation, mindful breathing, allowing our body and mind to rest, and getting in touch with the refreshing and healing elements inside and around us is crucial for our survival”.  -Thich Nhat Hanh

Social and environmental work is only sustainable if we recognize that there are improvements and changes that need to be made in ourselves and the environment we are living and working in.

Mindful Action offers a range of mindfulness training programs, meetings, workshops, coaching sessions and retreats that prevent burnout and empower people. Mindfulness interventions are created in consultation with groups and organisations and are scheduled according to the needs and availability of participants. We can work with you to design a tailored made group mindfulness program that will help you meet the wishes and wellness needs of your team members.

The drawback of mindfulness programs and training is that after a usual period of training people tend to lose their motivation and practice. Therefore Mindful Action offers a sustainable way of mindfulness integration in your organisation with a possibility for ‘after-care’ meetings and extended in-depth mindfulness programs.


The program is another opportunity to water our garden of strengths and qualities of the heart; our inner resources. Especially during these turbulent times it can be supportive to pause and reflect in order to take wise and warmhearted mindful actions.

‘Meditation’ could be better translated as ‘cultivation’. We train our heart. We cultivate our inner garden that is full of seeds and plants that need careful and mindful attention. We prepare fertile soil, take well care of the seeds and plants, and make sure we water them enough. Our root and being is strong and well nourished. We are able to meet any weather circumstances with an open and warm heart. This is how we learn to flourish, to be in your element.

This is the practice of mindfulness in action.

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